Star Wars-JEDI: Fallen Order Trailer dropped. Here's some shots that made it into the trailer that featured my work. I was responsible for assembling the environment for the spider cave.  Big thanks to EA Vancouver who helped with assembling the trailer. Also special thanks to the entire team that worked hard to build the world of Kashyyyk. Down below are some of the artist who helped build the shots!
Lucas Sparks Artstation
Lucas Sparks- Natural Foliage Kits/Materials and Textures
Ryan Schake Artstation
Ryan Schake-Natural Foliage Kits/Materials and Textures
James Catterson Artstation
James Catterson-Factory Kit/Materials and Textures
Robert Wilinski Artstation
Robert Wilinski-Mud Kit Materials and Textures/ Foliage Kit Materials and Textures
Ken Feldman-Art Direction 
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